6th May

Lord Jesus said today, “Once more I am pleading for this humanity to turn away from sinful pleasures and worldly material. They seek only material goods and not goodness for their souls. The more they have the more the devil tells them to get. So greedy is humanity today.”

Lord, Jesus continued, “My child, how harmful is materialism for their souls. If they only knew. But soon, very soon My children you shall be stripped of everything which is harmful to you and I will put you back on the road of purity and humbleness, to recognise your God and Creator, ho loves you. That is the only way to recognise Me and love Me, to be pure and Holy. So wretched you all are, full of pride and ignorance and you all offend me so much that Heaven cries for Me. I tell you people, you cannot serve two masters or you will despise one and serve the other. It means you cannot serve God and be greedy for goods of the world and money. Where is that old saying that people used to say to one another GOD WILL PROVIDE. Only a few trust in my providence. How sad I am because of this.”

I responded, “Lord, please give us the grace to trust in You more and see that many other people are in great need.”