7th June

In St. Patrick’s Church, Our Lord Jesus said to me today when I prayed for all the Priests and Bishops, “My child, many of My chosen Priests and Bishops are not worthy to wear My vestments because they offend Me gravely. My Sacred Heart is deeply wounded. Console Me and pray for
them all. My churches are attacked by so many evil doings. People are all confused, some people are even losing faith and not trusting in the church and Priests. Tell people to pray to My Divine Mercy so that I will be merciful to all these wrong doings. I will soon establish all new. I shall purify all My churches. They shall flourish and be truthful, humble, pure and Holy to My Sacred Presence. My love will be so strong amongst My people that has never been before and My churches shall shine all the way to Heaven. People shall praise Me and love Me as never before.
I, the Lord, have spoken the true Holy Word. Let them know what I, the Lord, have said.”

I responded, “Thankyou, my Lord Jesus. Have mercy on all of us and Your churches.”