5th February, 2010

This morning, during prayers, Blessed Mother appeared to me looking very happy.

She said, “My child, the group prayer you attend in Parramatta is very precious to Me and My Son. You are part of the world prayer.”

In the vision She showed me the globe of the world, holding Her arms up wide, She indicated a line on the globe and said, “This is your section.” (In explanation, there are lines all around the world and they all connect in the Prayer of Her Marian Movement of Priests)

Bleesed Mother Mary said, “My child, don’t forget, I am the one who leads you. I am the leader of all the prayer groups, I organise you and I am among you.”

She said, “When you arrange the altar, I would love to have a little bouquet of pink roses near My statue. They are My favourite colour. Today, My children, as you have been attending this prayer for many years you will receive a very special blessing from My Son because He loves you very much.” I said, “Oh, Blessed Mother, what a grace! Thank you Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother on behalf of all of us.

Holy Mary then said, “Try to encourage other people to join you. My children, try to attend confession more often. Once you confess, My Son forgives all your sins . He wipes them away so He doesn’t remember them any more.

“Now I have to leave and go back to Heaven.” We embraced as a mother and daughter do.

I said, “Blessed Mother, will you say ‘hello’ to the Baby Jesus and St. Joseph for me

Mary left, looking very happy and She said, “They love you too, very

much.” Thankyou, Blessed Mother, for encouraging us to pray.