1st February 2010

Jesus spoke this morning, His expression was sad.

“Peace be with you, My child, let us be united as one so you can give me great consolation. Look at My Sacred Heart, broken. It will tell you that I am not happy I have been scourged and wounded all over again. My Holy Cross bothers them all over the world. They keep removing it from all places, even in some Catholic churches. They are afraid My Holy Cross offends people of different religions. Shamefully, they betray Me like Judas. Over and over again, in places like Italy which was the most Catholic country. Priests and Bishops keep silent. They are afraid they may be threatened by society and scandalised.

Tell them, My child, be truthful, don’t be afraid and speak out and defend Me.

Do you know, My Holy Cross is the salvation of men. Without My Holy Cross, there is no salvation at all.

Go ahead, remove My Holy Cross you hypocrites. The more you deny God, the more troubles will befall you and your countries.

“You already experience disasters all over the world. They will continue to be your fate.”

“It will bring you on your knees.”

‘For your time now is repentance.”

“Your lives will become harder and harder and you will see your brothers dying of hunger and thirst. Disasters will fall on all humanity, sickness and wars, persecutions. Humanity torn apart because of these disasters and violence.”

“You men of power and pride, see how far you can go without My mercy.!”

“I Tell you, I don’t keep silent. I speak out through My prophets and they will tell you My Holy Cross will never be removed.”

“I will make My Holy Cross appear in the sky for all mankind to see and know that I exist.”

“I wish all my faithful children to pray for this intention and defend Me in public from this malicious enemy.”

Lord, have mercy on us. May you redeem us with your Holy Cross.

Let us be united, offering our Lord consolation.