After Christmas January 2010

A vision of a Holy Soul came to me she said, “Valentina, I have to come to tell you about the secrets that our Lord revealed to us little by little.”

“When we first died, we were confused and unhappy. We learned that we had to be purified and that for penance we had to do what we were told.”

“Sometimes, it was very hard and painful with the help of prayers and Mass offerings, gave us great relief.”

“Little by little, we were raised higher. Our only desire was to be with god as quickly as we could.”

“Valentina, thankyou for your help and prayers. They helped me to reach where I am now.”

“I cannot describe to you the joy I am experiencing now.”

“Our Lord showed me why we become sick and die prematurely. It is all for a good reason. Gradually, he explains things to us until we reach perfection. We are now with God. We do not miss our families anymore all this has been taken away from us. We think of them but not yearning for them.”

The Soul was so joyous and happy as she explained how a person progresses in Holy Purgatory until finally the ultimate day of deliverance, Heaven, Home.