In St Patrick’s Cathedral.

During Mass our Lord Jesus spoke, “My children, you all experience a heat wave and drought this summer with the temperature above normal. Offer me all the discomfort that you are all experiencing in reparation for sins committed against My Sacred Heart which spear through like a knife.”

“It is for humanity living in the city of Sydney, so much they offend Me. You have no idea. If you only knew, you would console Me and be sorry for your Lord.”

“I also want to tell you about this country of Australia. Lately there has been coming all kinds of catastrophic disasters upon you. I tell you, My anger permits this to happen to all of you. I will give you an example. It is like building a house on sand, and the foundation will move. Without
God’s blessing and protection it will crumble altogether. The more they deny Me, the more trouble they will experience. One problem after another will hit them, and I shall permit this to happen. Maybe then, people will wake up and ask Me to be merciful to all. How proud and stubborn you all are and blind.”

“Valentina, My child, console Me. Offer Me everything in reparation and be sorry to see Me so sad.”

Our Lord was in tears when He was telling me this message and I started to feel His pain and cried for Him. How much He begs humanity to change but no one will listen to Him.

Jesus, my Lord, have mercy on this country.