Our Blessed Mother came to me while praying. She said, “I will explain to you about the Eucharist. How sacred and holy is the Holy Eucharist in which My Son is truly present.”

In a vision, She showed me a paten containing a very large red flower. On top of this was a pure white Host.

Holy Mary said, “Valentina, don’t you ever touch. You would offend My Son greatly. My Son is so sacrileged in the churches all over. Everyone is handling Him and moving the tabernacle. They put it on the side where it is not in the place of honour in the centre.”

I was shown in one church, near the side of the entrance there was a dark place and inside was a white Host lying on the bare floor.

Blessed Mother said, “I am so sad for My Son, I am guarding this place for Him.”

Instantly, God the Father appeared to me with tears in His eyes and said, “See what the Mother of My Son tried to explain to you. It is the fault of some Bishops and Priests who no longer believe in the true presence. Many take off their vestments. They no longer want to serve. They destroy My churches. My children, remain faithful to Me and pray for these intentions.”