8th March, 2011

This morning when I was praying, The Blessed Mother and an Angel came to me and said, “My child, we came to prepare you to pray more. I came to tell you some very sad news and I will show you what will happen very soon. The biggest earthquake, more powerful than any before. It will bring sea waves on an enormous scale. It will wash away and destroy and many lives will be taken away and die. My children, these people of Japan are not prepared for such a horrific catastrophe that will come suddenly and unexpectantly, especially not in the state of grace. How I cry for you all My children. You are so disobedient to my pleas to change and repent, because you never know when the next disaster can occur unexpectantly and you can be caught in it.

My children how I cry to see all these disasters that are coming upon you so often. My Son is so offended because of the state of the world, the sin is reaching up to heaven. We cannot tolerate anymore, His hand is lowering.

Maybe people will open their eyes and acknowledge that God is in control of everything – not man. People think that mother nature causes all these disasters, this really offends God so much.”

Then the Blessed Mother raised her right hand and showed me in a vision the fury of this disaster in Japan. I said, “Oh my Mother, this is like the end of the world.” She replied, “I know you are very sad for people, pray for them.” We both cried in an embrace and then she left.