6 September 2020

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta
This Church needs to be Raised Up Again

This morning as I finished praying the Angelus, I said, “Lord, I better get ready to go to Mass. Which Church do you want me to go to?”

Our Lord replied, “I still want you to go to Parramatta. When you go to the Parramatta Cathedral, you bring a little bit of light into that Church, which is now in darkness.”

I arrived at St Patrick’s Cathedral about half an hour before Mass started. I made all my offerings to our Lord like I usually do and prayed the Holy Rosary. During the Rosary, our Blessed Mother appeared in such a radiant and powerful bright light, exquisitely beautiful. With her hands held in prayer, there was so much light emanating from her that I could not see what she was wearing.

Blessed Mother said, “Do not be upset about everything we tell you that is happening now. You must always have hope and trust in my Son. He can change things in an instant.”

“While you are meditating on the Third Glorious Mystery (the Descent of the Holy Spirit) I want you to know the Holy Spirit will soon descend upon the earth and will refresh every soul like the morning dew refreshes the grass and nature. Now, the souls are dry, and most live in the darkness of sin, and they are dirty. But when the Holy Spirit descends, It will purify every soul so that it will become white and bright again; this, I promise you is very close, and it will come. Have hope, do not give up! Tell people to be ready and to prepare themselves by going to confession often, to be in a state of Grace and to pray. It can come suddenly,” said Blessed Mother.

I watched as Blessed Mother extended her mantle to cover all the people present in the Church today, like a mother protecting her little children. Her mantle was so beautiful and of a soft, rose pink colour. I felt how powerful Blessed Mother is, as I watched how she protects her children.

Later, during Holy Mass, during the Consecration, our Blessed Mother reappeared and said, “I know you are sad for this Church, to see how it has been brought right down to the ground. It will take a great effort to raise her up again. My Son will not allow His Church to be completely destroyed. He will raise her up again, and the devil will not prevail over her. You need to let the Clergy know what we are telling you, as they must do their part to raise up this Church again. It needs lots of prayer from good priests and the people.”

“Do not be upset; this is not the only Church that My Son and I are sad about; there are many Churches in the world like this one. They need to be rebuilt.”

Lord have mercy on us and help us rebuild your Churches.