6th April

Lord Jesus spoke to me today while attending a prayer group and addressing the people afterwards.

“Valentina, it is obedience which pleases Me the most. When you accept an invitation to go to people’s houses and pass on My Word, that way you fulfil My will, though you try to teach them and tell them My Holy Word, not always they listen and accept it. Some do and others don’t, but whatever you do is for My sake. My love and My strength are always with you. No-one can harm you. Be courageous always and go among people.”

“Lead the lost sheep, there are so many. Bring them back to the Good Shepherd. I cannot rest until they are all in My pasture. My Sacred Heart grieves for the lukewarm and the lost ones. That is the reason why I went through My suffering and Passion and Death to save them all. My mercy and love are great.”

“I am God of compassion and I hold My anger back. I keep sending My prophets to them to warn them of the danger that is upon them. Killing, wars, evil doings, worshipping false idols, material goods, money, sport, fashion and all kinds of sinful deeds, but they don’t want to listen to My Holy Word and warning.”

“Tell humanity NOTHING escapes Me. I see all evil sins they commit. Nothing escapes Me and nothing is hidden from Me. I see all. My punishment comes nearer and nearer. If they don’t convert and repent. My Heavenly gate will close soon, and My anger is coming to cleanse this world. Tell them to take this seriously. This is My Warning.”

I answered, “Jesus, my Lord, have mercy on us sinners”.