28th March

Lord Jesus said today after receiving Holy Communion, “Suffer with Me, My child, and console Me. I suffer for my churches, they are all attacked by the devil. There is no reverence at all in them. People are talking in full voices, laughing, clapping for every little event that happens. They make it like a theatre. They ignore My Holy Presence. In various parts of the churches throughout the world, especially around the tabernacle I am very much abused.”

Our Lord looked at me and said, “You know My altars in the church are like a burning bush, they are so sacred. No-one should walk wearing their shoes near them. When Moses came to the mountain of Sinai, I told him not to come so near and I also told him to remove his shoes for he was standing on Holy and Sacred ground. That law remains still today. I am a living God and My Holy ground in these places should be revered and highly respected, and the Priest should teach people about it. Instead I am abused, ridiculed and pushed aside more and more. Today everything is accepted in the churches. The devil lives in My churches and he controls everyone and people go along with it. I am sad to see all this disrespect. My Angels and Saints are crying for Me in Heaven. They are so sorry for Me. Think of how much I suffered for you all and what do I get in return? You repay Me with your sinful deeds and abuses in My Sacred Presence. I tell you, no-one will escape My punishment.”

“Pray for them and console Me, My children, especially the Priests and Bishops for they are the ones I shall judge the most. Pray to My Divine Mercy.”

I answered, “My Lord and My God, have mercy on Priests and Bishops”.