2nd March

This morning, while praying The Angelas, Blessed Mother Mary appeared. In Her right hand outstretched, there was a Host. On the Host, I saw a tiny figure of Jesus as a baby, gold. She told me that in each Host we receive during Mass and reception of Holy Communion, Jesus is present truly. On each white Host, I saw a totally gold figure of the baby Jesus.

It was so beautiful to see. We do not see this when we receive the
Eucharist, but it is truly the baby Jesus present in each Consecrated Host.

The Blessed Mary smiled and said, “See, my daughter. My Son is so Holy. The gold represents Holy Mass and graces. Tell people that Jesus wishes when you come to receive Him to be worthy and not with a sin. If only they would understand and see what I show you, people would cry and be more remorseful and sorry for receiving unworthily. I wish My priest sons would speak in the churches more about confessing sin.”

“My Son is very offended by sacrilege and abuse by people receiving Communion out of habit. He cannot cleanse you unless you come to Him and ask Him to be merciful. You must realise, my children, that you are all sinners. When you confess and repent all your sins and try hard not to fall back into the same sins, slowly, my children, you become more and more holy. This is very pleasing to My Son Jesus. He loves each one of you so much. So be very careful, my children, how you come to receive Him. Remember each Host you receive, think of Jesus truly present in the Eucharistic Bread. My little Golden Baby, so Holy.”

She said, “After receiving Jesus, go back to your seat, kneel down and close your eyes and thank Him from your heart. He is in you then to nourish you and to give you life here on earth, and you also benefit for the after life for your soul.”

I said, “Thankyou, my loving Mother and my Lord Jesus. I love you and thank you for feeding me in the Holy Eucharist.”