17th February, 2004

While praying this morning, an Angel appeared and said, “I came to tell you that very soon you are going to have a very big earthquake. It will happen in the sea water, (offshore).”

Then he said, “You know what that means. The water will rise and bring a tidal wave. Tell people to pray and repent before it is too late. Mankind must stop offending God. These disasters will continuously be falling until people realise the wrong they are doing. That does not please God but they offend Him gravely with their sinful deeds.”

The Angel repeated again, “Pray and repent. Tell people this is a serious warning.”
I said, “Lord Jesus, have mercy”.

Our Lord gives us plenty of time to prepare through prayer and changing our way of living, and if we all listen to His Holy word, He may change or mitigate the punishment. Valentina.