Date Unknown

This morning while I was praying. Blessed Mary Most Holy came to visit. She told me that we would visit some Souls in Purgatory today. She does this often.

We saw many suffering Souls in a huge place like a park. Each time Our Blessed Mother takes me to places like that, there is always one thing that surprises me. With permission from Our Blessed Mother, I can ask them questions. They are very happy to see us. They touch me and call me by name.

“They all want something from you”, Holy Mother said. “My child, you can pray for them and offer Holy Masses for them. This will ease their suffering”. I asked the Blessed Mother, “My beautiful Mother of Grace how can I offer a mass for all these people? There are thousands. I would have to sell my house and that would probably not be enough”.

Holy Mary smiled and hugged me, saying, “No need to sell your house and pay for their Masses. When you go to church to attend Mass, you yourself offer these people and it will atone for their sins and will help to ease their pain. Continue to do this and they will progress spiritually and slowly they will be purified and will go to Heaven”.

I replied “Thankyou, Holy Mother, for explaining this to me. I love you, my Mother”.