6th May, 2006

This morning while reciting the Holy Rosary and Angel appeared and said, “Today you have to come with me to see the suffering souls.”

I walked with the Angel for a distance until we came to a place of open space. We came to a hill and when we reached the top I could see a huge excavation like a gigantic quarry. I saw a lot of people moving aimlessly below us. The Angel walked down with me until we were amongst them.

I said to the Angel, “Where do all these people come from? There are thousands of them.”

He said, “These people are from everywhere.”
I asked, “What are they doing here? How can I help them?”

The Angel said, “They have to learn about the Holy Eucharist. They had no idea during their lives what the Holy Eucharist means and represents, so they have to learn now, to know the meaning of it”.

I looked at him and said, “I myself don’t know everything about Holy Communion.”

The Angel smiled at this remark, saying, “You know, Bishops and Priests don’t explain about the Holy Communion to people so they will learn to and understand that God is really present. Many Bishops and Priests have doubts about this, so they don’t talk about it.”

While we were among these souls, they became cheerful. While the Angel is with them, they are given some relief from their suffering. Any little offering we make for them lessens their suffering.
It is essential to pray for them, offering up Masses and indulgences and sacrifices on their behalf.

We walked back up to the hill. When we reached the top, the Angel stopped and said, “See how people are dying, most of them unprepared. The world is now totally in darkness. The devil tries to destroy everyone.” He then said, “Tell people to repent and be prepared.”

We must strive to remain in a state of grace by receiving the Sacrament of Confession often.