7th MAY, 2006

In St Margaret Mary’s Church, Merrylands. This morning, during Mass and making offerings, our Lord Jesus appeared, and lamented, “The people in the world are sinking into terrible sin and it is getting worse. My Sacred Heart is more and more offended and it is pierced to a very deep wound. It bleeds of sorrow.”

Now He explained, “Sin is like a thick, dark smoke and it is rising all the way to Heaven.”

I was shown a vision of a city with many smoke stacks rising from it. As the smoke from them rose up it changed from white to a thick black smoke which represents sin.

Our Lord told me, “The smoke coming from the smoke stacks is as it comes from a furnace when burning wet fuel. The people of this world only think of money and how to possess material goods. They use My name in vain to make their riches and wealth, and filthy stories and all kinds of false tales to make themselves wealthy.

They spread false prophecies to the people. Even in My churches, My name is used many times in vain to raise filthy money. They will find any excuse to do this, instead of preaching and teaching of My love and true word. My laws are all denied.” (Ten Commandments)

“How falsely they are lead by the devil and it is accepted everywhere in the world.”

He looked at me and said, “My child, I am full of love and mercy, but how long can I permit humanity to go on and continue like this? The innocent people are suffering. They are confused as in the time of Babylon.”

“The lies that are put into their ears! They don’t know what is right or wrong any more, but let the people know that the day of the Lord is nearer and nearer and My judgement is severe when I will send a fire from Heaven which will consume two thirds of the population and no one will be able to extinguish the fire. The evil ones will be consumed once and for all.”

“Tell My faithful that I am preparing a new world for My people. It will be like a new creation for those who love Me. They will sing praising songs to the Lord and God. They will be grateful and thankful for what I have done for them. For this reason you must call Me. Pray and call Me to come. The more you call Me, the quicker I will come.”

“Tell them to confess. Go often to confession. The more you confess the less power satan has over you. Trust Me, My children.”

Our Lord refers every message to His Divine Mercy and asks us to recite daily prayers for His Mercy and protection, and Our Lady’s Rosary against evil. Pray for the conversion of sinners.

Don’t lose hope in whatever you experience in these end times. Call on our Lord and His Blessed Mother to help and strengthen you.