8 April 2016

While I was praying the Angelus, Holy Blessed Virgin Mary appeared and greeted me, “Praised be Jesus, daughter!”

I answered her and said, “Praised be Jesus forever.”

She said, “I come to thank you for all your prayers and sacrifices that you offer us. You pray for everyone.”

She smiled and said, “Today, you have received many graces and blessings.”

Suddenly there was a deluge of sparkling gold fragments pouring all over my room. I was overjoyed at the beauty of this vision. This was an outpouring of Graces from Heaven. At the same time I was shown a beautiful shimmering silver star. It was suspended in the air.

Blessed Mother said, “This star symbolises my presence. This Holy happening is the Love from my Son and me, to you, and surges out from the Living Well, and comes from Heaven.”

Immediately I desired that this abundance of Graces, raining down from Heaven, be poured upon all my family and friends and people in need. This joyful experience lasted about ten minutes.

Blessed Mother said, “Tell our children that we love them abundantly and very deeply, and we wish that they would unite themselves very close to Us.”

She asked us to renounce sin and to live an honest and chaste life.

“Sin is the root of all evil, and does not allow you to be beautiful. It does not permit freedom in your soul, but allows for hate and restlessness, and not peace.”

“My daughter, I want to tell you how much God is offended and sad because humanity is living so sinfully.”

“So much hate in the world. There is no peace in the world, the daily killing of innocent children and people, scattered all over the world.”

“They kill people without any feeling in their hearts, there is nothing but hate. Their heart is like stone, with no feeling. Satan is leading all this destruction. He tries to ruin everything.”

“My children pray for peace which the world does not want. Peace is the healing for your life that only God can give. Pray, pray that through my Immaculate Heart the world will experience peace.”

“The world will be renewed, so that Heavenly peace will be sent to earth. Be courageous and tell people to change and to pray. We are always with you, my Son and me. Be at peace.”

Queen of Heaven, pray for us.