27 March 2016

Holy Easter Sunday

While I was saying my morning prayers and I was praising Jesus for His Resurrection, our Blessed Mother appeared to Me.

I was so surprised as I expected that our Lord may appear and reveal some things to me since it was the day of His Resurrection. Instead, our Blessed Mother appeared to me, she was very joyful.

“My daughter, I come to you today so that you will come with me to be a witness to something for which you have prayed and suffered. Today, you will witness something beautiful.”

In spirit our Blessed Mother took me with her to a place I believe was very close to Heaven, the highest level of Purgatory, and the final place of Purification.

As we arrived there, I could see hundreds of Souls, dressed in white garments, standing in a procession and waiting. They were waiting for our Blessed Mother to take them to their Heavenly Home. They were all very joyful.

On their right shoulders, they each had attached a small strip of a pale blue cloth. Our Blessed Mother was wearing a white gown with a very pale blue Mantle, which was the same colour as the small strip of cloth the Souls had on their right shoulders.

She pointed towards the Holy Souls standing in procession, smiled and said to me, “See, my daughter, see what fruits you have produced from your pains, sufferings, prayers and offerings to God.”

“Today, you are a witness to these people who are about to go to Heaven.”

In my heart I felt an immense joy and happiness for so many people to be released from Purgatory.

“Today, on this special day on the Resurrection of my Son Jesus, many, many Souls go to Heaven. Through His Mercy and Love, they are purified.”

Our Lady was so joyful. For a long time, I had not seen our Blessed Mother so joyful as I did today.

The Souls were smiling and glancing at me, but did not speak. They were more interested in listening and looking at our Blessed Mother the whole time.

Our Blessed Mother said to me, “They are going Home, but there are still many more to come.”

I was thinking, I know that. Our Lord Jesus once said to me that it never ends. There are always more and more souls entering Purgatory needing our prayers, sufferings and sacrifices.