26 March 2016

Holy Easter Saturday

Early in the morning while praying, our Lord Jesus appeared holding an infant, perhaps two weeks old, in His Arms. He was dressed in a deep reddish purple robe.

Jesus said, “My daughter, look at this tiny baby. He is so tender and loving. How can you not love him!”

“Do you know My Love for you all is like that for an infant child. I love you so tenderly and nurse you one by one in My Arms.”

“I created you and I know each one of you. I am the One Who gives you all My Love that you all inherit from Me. All is from Me, nothing of your own. Not the way people think.”

“I, the Creator, give each one life. So tenderly I watch over you and protect you when you are in danger.”

“That’s why it hurts Me so much when My children walk away from Me, the True Father and Creator.”

“Speak, My daughter, of My tender Love, how much I  love you all, how more than ever, I desire that you come to Me to live in the Light and not in the darkness.”

While our Lord was holding the baby, I was standing beside Him and held the little infant’s hand, so tender and small. Instantly, I felt a surge of Love coming from our Lord to me. I felt the Love was my true Father, that He loves me so much, that I belong to Him.

Please, people, from your hearts, love Him. You all belong to the Father and Creator in Heaven. He waits for each one of you to come to Him. He has so much to offer you. His tender Love.

Thank you, my Father, for loving us so much.