25 March 2016

Good Friday

Stations of the Cross at home

While emotionally contemplating the Passion of Jesus, Our Lord came and embraced me to console me.

“Thank you, My child, for stepping into My Passion. Not many of My children do that. If they only knew how it consoles Me, you would do it more often. Right now in the world they try to dismiss Me and ignore Me.”

“They push Me away and don’t believe in what I have done: To die on the Cross for Salvation of all, to save you and redeem you from your sin. Nobody would have been saved! Just think of that! You would have remained in the darkness forever!”

“Thank Me, My children, and love Me for I deserve your gratitude and love.”

Our Lord Jesus was wearing a deep burgundy-purple robe. This represents His sadness. Our Lord would remind us many times to “Honour My purple Robe.”

Thank You Lord Jesus, for dying on the Cross and saving us.