8th August

Our Lord appeared to me in church, Parramatta I had experienced a lot of suffering recently for the Holy Souls in the form of severe pain in my legs and body. The souls keep coming to me asking for help to approach the “light”. I offer them up to our Lord, but often, that is not enough , so I suffer.

During the day, I sometimes become very depressed and I think ‘what is the point of living if we have to suffer so much after death’ but then a surprise! Our Lord appears as a Baby with His Holy Mother. She lets me hold Him and all memory of suffering leaves me, and I overwhelmed, thinking “Who am I to receive this grace”

Jesus, although in the form of a little Child, speaks to me wisely “you are happy and overwhelmed because I am in your arms, then I make myself very small so you can love Me more tenderly, I even make myself lighter so I am not so heavy for you, but did you ever ask yourself,” ‘who am I’. He is the Lord.

“How about Me? I carry you all in My Arms and care for you all your lives, so be grateful and appreciate the graces which are visible and not visible that are given to you.”

Thank you Holy Infant Jesus, for so many graces we receive.