28th July

Our Lord Jesus appeared this morning during my prayers. In His Holy Hand He held a brown colour paper scroll.

He asked me, “Do you know what this is, My child?”

“This is a scroll with many secret writing within it, not known to the world yet. This I keep to Myself and will not be revealed to the world. Not yet.”

“These secrets are written with My Precious Blood and are very sacred.”

On the outside of the scroll, I saw Jesus writing with a red pen but I could not understand what He wrote.

He then said, “Valentina, My child, will you write what I have just shown you with a red pen? That way you will honour My Precious Blood which I spilled so much on the way to Calvary on the dusty and dirty road. Honour Me for what I have done for all Humanity.”

“The world endures so much suffering and still you all have to go through much more before you mature in your spiritual life.”

(Our Lord is referring to the people of the world)

our Lord was clothed in a robe and mantle, all in the colour red.

Lord Jesus have mercy on us.