3rd July

Our Lord Jesus came to me very sad. He spoke very sadly to me, lamenting, “Do you know how hard I try to convince the world, how much I care and love you all, and how much I can do with My Precious Blood, to heal people and protect them but so seldom My children ask Me to help them. Even My Priests never speak of My Precious Blood and the power which comes from it.

“People wear the colour red, they even buy red cars and all kinds of objects, but they don’t know that red is the colour of My Precious Blood.”

“If they would only think of Me and ask their God and Saviour it would console My Sacred Heart which is so wounded by human pride. I tell you, they can buy or imitate all red colours they want, but nothing can ever compare to the power of My Precious Blood.”

“My child, please console Me and offer your sacrifices daily and love Me for so many offences that I receive. Love Me for My Precious Blood that I spilled as a sacrifice in atonement for the sins of the world. This weighs Me down so much that I cry. Tell My children to love Me and to change their way of life, then I will be happy and your reward will be in a Heavenly Home which awaits you for all Eternity. Amen.”

Our Lord is so sad He needs our consolation and that we tell Him we love Him for what He does for us, We must stop offending Him.

Have mercy on us, Sweet Jesus.