June 2008

Today, our Blessed Mother appeared seated with Jesus seating on Her lap. He was without any clothes.

I said to Her, “Holy Mother, our Baby Jesus must be cold.”

She answered, “I came to show you some meaningful things that you will learn and understand better.”

She showed me a vision of people seated. It looked like a church.

Our Blessed Mother spoke to these people, “will somebody give Me a blanket in which to wrap My Son?”

I saw a very humble lady arise and approaching Our lady, she offered Her a white bunny rug. Our Blessed Mother accepted it graciously. Without warning a woman rushed past the first lady, snatched the rug from our Lady’s hands, threw it on the floor and gave Her own blanket.

Holy Mary didn’t accept this blanket given in selfish false pretence.

The second lady remained with Holy Mary, her arm around Her back, then Holy Mary called to me “Come My daughter and help Me to dress My Son, Jesus.

When we finished, Blessed Mother said “See, My child how some people force themselves upon others and push away everybody. Indicating it is only “me” and no one else. God does not accept forceful petitions. He wants His children to be humble and charitable. That is why I asked you to help Me dress My Son. You always ask for others, never for yourself. You don’t force yourself on Us, you stay on the back.

I then asked our Mother, “Teach us to know more about Jesus and how to love Him, to live humbly and simply thinking of others who need our prayers and help.”

Thank you our Mother Mary most Holy

Pray for us.