9 August 2020

Message of Hope

This morning when I was praying, our Lord came with an angel. He appeared as a young teenager, with slightly long hair. The angel accompanying our Lord was much taller than Him.

The angel greeted me and said, “We’ve met before.”

Our Lord Jesus came close to me. We were both sitting at a table. He said, “Valentina, I come to you as a young lad, I know how much you love Me when I appear so young. I heard your prayer when you asked when will all this end? You tell Me how you are depressed, and you talk to Me about other people who are also depressed, so there is just negativity, and no prayer. People are becoming more and more depressed.”

Our Lord continued, “My Mother came to tell you about the meeting we had, and I come to give you hope about this Coronavirus. Have faith. Things will get better and improve very soon because I know how frail is humanity. People lose hope and become very depressed, and it is difficult to get out of the depression, so, I Am going to lift all of this very soon.”

“Pray and trust Me and tell people to be courageous, and not to lose hope, thinking that it is the end of everything. It is not, I can lift everything,” He said.

“Do you know I Am Almighty God?” Our Lord asked.

Our Lord was smiling, and He was happy. Then, to my utter surprise, He came close to me and laid His Head on my shoulder.

He said, “You have to be more courageous too, not to give up so easily. See how close we are, how we love to be together and even joke.”

I said, “You look so different and yet You are Almighty God! It is so hard to understand You, Lord.”

I was trying to tell our Lord how He is so powerful, He is God, yet he comes to me as a young teenager!

Our Lord said, “I come to you the way I was as a teenager, and I fully understand humanity. Now, I will show you how I shared food and everything with everyone!”

Suddenly, before me, on the table appeared a pure white tablecloth with food on it; the food looked like mashed avocado. Our Lord was wearing a beautiful, pure white shirt. With His Hand, He reached for the food and began consuming it.”

I took a napkin that was on the table, and with motherly instinct, I said, “Oh no, wipe Your Hands.”

Like a typical teenager, He wiped His Hands on His pure white shirt. As He did so, He looked at me and smiled. He said, “You worry too much, you see!”

Our Lord Jesus wanted to show that He is Human yet Divine. The angel was watching and smiling.

Again, our Lord leaned His Head on my shoulder. As I ruffled His light-coloured hair, I said, “Gee, You have thick hair.”

He said, “Be happy, today is your joyful day. You are sitting at My Banquet. You should be very joyful. Be happy, love everyone and forgive everyone, like I do and then you will be in peace. Tell all My children to do the same, not to give up hope but to trust Me!”