9 January 2021

Souls walking a long time searching for our Lord


It was about five o’clock in the morning when I was praying, and I had a visit from a group of souls; a group of about twenty came into my room. They were a little shy and reluctant to approach me, but a few of them came close to me.


They said, “Valentina, sorry that we come to you. We’ve come to ask you to help us. We want to tell you that many people on earth pray for Holy Souls, but still, it takes a long, long time for our Lord to answer their prayers. That’s why we come to you because you are very close to God, and your prayers are answered very quickly. Other people’s prayers are not answered as quickly as yours. You are very united to our Lord.”


“Would you recommend us to our Lord, because we have walked a long time searching for Him?” asked the souls.


I answered, “If you give me your names, I will offer you to our Lord, where I go to Church.”


I tried to find a clean piece of paper to write down their names, but it was all full of scribble. They were waiting, so I said, “Our Lord would know your names, and I will offer you as a group in the Church during the Mass.”


The group of souls were happy, and then they left. I don’t know where they were from, but they have been searching for help for a long time.


Lord Jesus have mercy on this group of souls, who have been waiting a long time.