Christmas Day – 25th December 2013

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta

During the holy Mass, our Lord spoke to me and said: “Rejoice for the Saviour has been born and be glad. I come to the world so you can all have life in Me. I choose to be born in a poor stable for the poor in spirit, for the poor in the world, to give them hope.”

“My child, do you ever think that we are of royal descent. We could have chosen a different way but we chose to humble ourselves and to come amongst sinners.”

He said, “I come from heaven and I was born in Bethlehem to show my poor children how much I want to share my love with them. I brought love and peace amongst mankind.”

“But people rejected my love and they continue to reject my love today.”

“Would you like to know why? They are too committed to money and material things. They are too busy and preoccupied with materialism and greed. Their hearts are becoming harder and harder, just like a rock is hard.”

He said: “I give you our example so that you can all follow our way to salvation. Instead, you deny and reject the real God who loves you so much.”

I was most deeply and emotionally touched, in my heart, by these words. I felt so embarrassed that our Lord has to beg us and plead with us, but we just ignore everything.