15th December 2013

While I was praying the Angel appeared to me.

He said, “Come with me and I will show you something.”

At first I thought it would be purgatory that he wanted to show me. But no it wasn’t.

He took me to a most beautiful place and we stood in front of a building. As we entered the building I could see a setting of beautiful white round tables and chairs. The floor was so shiny, like the finest polished wooden floor. I could see many angels and saintly people. They were mainly girls dressed in white tunics. They were listening.

It was a heavenly place. The angel then sat at one of the tables, whilst I remained standing, and he continued to speak to me.

He said, “I brought you here so you can console our Lord. He weeps and cries for the world, because of the way the world behaves. It offends God so much.”

“You must console our Lord. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and say it many times throughout the day. It will console our Lord.”

I said to the Angel, “But our Lord is happy with the Holy Rosary. I like to pray the Rosary
ery much.”

He said to me, “Our Lord loves the Holy Rosary. Continue to pray it without ceasing. However at this time when the world is so bad, pray more often the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.”

I was very sad and deeply touched by these words.

The Angel was weeping for our Lord.

He said, “I myself am crying for our Lord. He doesn’t deserve to be offended.”

The angel then stood up and said. “Come with me. I will show you something else. ”

We approached a most beautiful staircase, and as I looked up, I could see so many beautiful childlike angels descending. They looked so happy and joyful. They were dressed in white and pale blue garments and some had a crown of flowers around their heads. They were smiling. We were watching them as the little army of angels came down the staircase.

I greeted the childlike angels as they came down, “Oh hello.” I said to them. I was overwhelmed by their beauty and joyfulness.

There were so many of them. I said, “Angels, angels and more angels.”

Finally they all came down and then the angel, who was my guide, took me upstairs.

He said, “Come I will explain something else to you.”

When we approached the landing of the upstairs floor I could see more white round tables. Sitting at these tables were saints. As we came closer I could see our Blessed Mother and St Joseph busily at work. Jesus was not there. He was too sad.

The Blessed Mother was wearing a red tunic with a blue mantle over her shoulders and a short white mantilla covering her head.

St Joseph was helping our Blessed Mother prepare something. Suddenly she turned around and smiled. She came towards me and greeted me and then hugged me.

The Angel said, “Now the mother of our Lord Jesus will explain something to you.”

She said, “As you can see these tables, we are preparing a very special banquet. This banquet will take place very, very soon.”

I understood that the Blessed Mother and St Joseph are working very hard to prepare for this day, for her son Jesus.

I understood that this banquet has a symbolic meaning. Is not something to do with food and eating. It will be a banquet of joy and peace on Earth and in Heaven. It will be the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She will triumph over Evil. Through her Immaculate Heart, Jesus will save the world.

They are working very hard but we on earth must also help by our prayers, the Holy Rosary and especially the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

After this, the Angel brought me home. I went to holy Mass and offered this intention. I was deeply sad for our Lord Jesus. Sad that He weeps for the world and the world doesn’t hear or see.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on the whole world. Come soon to restore heavenly peace on earth.