November 2013

5am. Archangel Michael appeared.

Previously on the night before I prayed to God “Lord, I will offer all my prayers and sacrifices for Kevin Lee and all the people involved in the disaster. If that will help them I gladly offer, but if it harms me, please protect me from it.”

The Archangel told me that he had been sent to give me an answer to my prayers.

He said, “Come with me, I will show you what happened the moment the disaster struck.”

I was shown how Kevin Lee was judged by our Lord. It was so severe, he started spinning in the surf (it seemed to me at about 100mph). Suddenly it stopped.

The Archangel then said, “Watch now.”

In an instant, K.L. turned into a metallic post. His head was still recognisable but made of a shiny metal. He was placed deep in the ground.

I myself, with the Archangel standing to the side watching. I felt shock and misery to witness this. He said, “This is what God’s anger has done to him. Don’t ever call K.L. father.”

Then I turned to Archangel Michael and asked. “Will he ever have a chance to come out of there?”

He answered, “How can an object come out of this place.” Then he opened the door and said, “Come and see for yourself.”

I was frightened but he said, He cannot harm you.” Don’t worry. I am with you, he cannot harm you.”

I said, “Oh, my God, this is horrible. How can a soul be crushed into nothing!” I felt totally crushed.

The Archangel then said, “Don’t you pray for him and don’t mention his name for he disgraced God so badly.”

I was returned home, feeling sorry for our Lord.