December 2015

The Precious Blood of Jesus

Sometime in December and before Christmas Day, I had a most beautiful vision.

The angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, “I have come to show you and to explain to you about the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus.”

In that instant, I was shown a thick trunk of a grape vine with branches supported by a white, timber, grape arbour. The branches were attached to the white timber, and beautiful bunches of ripened red grapes were hanging from these branches. The grapes were so full that they were bursting with juice. The grape juice was dripping onto the ground below.

The angel said, “Do you know what this represents? This is the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I said, “But the juice! This is the Precious Blood. Isn’t it a terrible waste that all of It is falling to the ground.”

I was panicking, and said to the angel, “Let us collect It all. It is terrible that It should be wasted.”

The angel said, “Nothing is wasted. It will be beneficial in many places. The Precious Blood of Jesus never ends. It is offered by our Lord, over and over again, for the salvation of souls. It is so precious and so abundantly given to you.”

The angel said, “The priests should mention more the Precious Blood of Jesus. Jesus is sad and upset because they hardly mention His most Precious Blood in the churches.”

People do not realise how powerful is the Precious Blood of Christ. We can always ask our Lord:

Lord, cover us with Your Precious Blood and protect us. We love You and we thank You for being so generous.