31 December 2015

New Year’s Eve

This morning while I was praying and making my morning offerings, the angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, “You pray for good intentions that God will bless the world in the coming year, and give peace and reconciliation to the world.”

“See how the weather patterns have changed everywhere in the world. People notice it is unseasonable weather and they wonder why these disasters keep happening and keep coming, such as the cyclones, hurricanes, and even the floods in England.”

“People are still blind. God is trying to tell them something. There is one disaster that will have to come which will be the worst one. As in the time of Moses when he parted the sea and the people could walk through to the other side, two great walls of water were created to the left and to the right.” In that instant I was given a vision of Moses parting the sea.

The angel continued, “The wall of water that will come now won’t be parted as in the time of Moses, but will be a massive wall of water, rising to huge heights. It will  flood many inhabited areas, and will be worse than anything that has come before.”

The angel showed me a vision of the surging wall of seawater, as high as tall buildings, flooding and destroying densely inhabited areas somewhere in the world. In that moment I was so shocked and frightened at what I saw, that I didn’t think to ask the angel in which part of the world this disaster would happen.

The angel said, “Tell people to pray. Tell them this is very serious. Tell them to change their lives and to stop offending God. He is so offended by humanity.”