29 December 2015

At about 3.30 in the afternoon, I suddenly experienced a severe pain in my back. Our Lord then appeared to me and revealed that the pain I was suffering was for Bishops and Priests.

Our Lord said, “Do you know how many people today walk in darkness, unrepentant?  Their hearts are hard like a rock. Many people also live in fear. Would you like to know why? They deny God, if they would only come to Me, I have so much to offer them. I offer them My Love. The world needs My Love.”

He smiled and said, “Love, Love, Love! Do you know that love can stop wars and the killing of people in the world?”

He then said, “I still walk in the world today.

I offer Mankind My Love.

I mend broken hearts.

I perform miracles, even though not everyone believes in them.

I solve the difficult problems people have in their daily lives.”


I was amazed when our Lord was telling me this.

He was so loving and joyful when He shared with me how He still travels the world today.

I said, “Lord do you really do that?”

He said, “Yes, I Am really walking here on earth. I appear as an ordinary person on the street. I am not dressed in fancy white clothes. I disguise Myself.

I help very difficult cases. I restore love and peace among My people.

It was so amazing how we talked to one another.

Jesus then said, “I hear your prayers My children. Most of your prayers are for your families, your loved ones, people that you know and for your friends.”

In a vision He then showed me a ridge. Suddenly we found ourselves on top of this ridge.

He said, “I sit at the top of the ridge and look down at the valley. There are many people who live in the valley below and they need a lot of prayers. It pleases Me very much when you pray for people that you do not know. It makes you charitable.”


I thought, “But don’t these people pray?”

Jesus answered, “Not all people know how to pray, nor do they know how to ask.”

I said, “Lord, all that You have shown me, the people in the valley, I offer to You.”


Jesus is teaching us how not to be selfish but to be charitable with our prayers.