Sunday 13 December 2015

This morning while I was praying, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, “Come, I will take you with me and show you something.”

In an instant we found ourselves in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.

I could see many people and I could see a Priest standing amongst these people. The Angel and I joined them. At first I thought these people were Holy Souls but they were not.

The Priest spoke and said, “Come, we are all going in a procession outside into the courtyard.” The Angel and I joined the procession.

As we stepped outside I could see to my left what looked like a white ribbon hanging off the steel railing. The ribbon was about 20cm in width and made of paper and covered the whole length of the railing (about several metres). The ribbon was a decoration along the one side of the courtyard.

As we gathered around the Priest he spoke again and said, “Today people we are here to celebrate Environment Day. It is a very special day. It is such a beautiful creation that man has made.”

After listening to the Priest, I said to the Angel standing beside me, “But God created all nature and the environment.”

The Angel said, “Just listen to what he has to say.”

In response to what the Priest had just said I could hear some people saying to each other, “But is not nature and the environment all a creation of God?”

The people were surprised that the Priest was saying that it was not God’s creation but the work of man.

The Priest then raised his right hand and said, “But people listen! We have to accept what man has tried to do for the environment.”

As he was saying this he was instantly struck down by God and became mute. I could see his tongue become very long and was loosely hanging out from the left side of his mouth.

I said to the Angel, “This is terrible.”

The Angel explained to me, “The moment the Priest tried to brainwash people about man’s role in regard to the environment, he was struck down by God and he could no longer speak.”

The Angel continued, “That is what they are trying to do in the world today. Brainwash people into believing that man can change and control the environment. You must tell people that they are not to listen to this nor believe this. God is in charge of all creation. He created everything and everyone.”

“Tell people to pray to the real God Who is God the Father, the Creator of the whole universe. Tell people to pray for guidance so that they will know the Truth.”

The Angel said, “The vision you are seeing is what is happening in the world right now. The Church has been pulled into this movement for the environment.”

Later in the morning, I actually attended Holy Mass at St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta. Today was a special celebration for the blessing of the Holy Door to signify the commencement of the Year of Mercy.

After Holy Mass I walked into the foyer of the Chapel and there were two television screens. They were projecting images about our environment. I was stunned and shocked when I saw this. This confirmed that what I had seen with the Angel this morning was reality. If Priests speak against God’s creation of the environment they will be severely punished in the next life.

On many occasions our Lord lamented to me, “I, the Creator of the Universe and everything in it, and I have to be under the feet of mankind with his advancements in science and technology all done without Me.”

“Because of that I will severely punish the World to tell mankind, ‘Who is the Creator, man or God?’.”

Jesus was very upset with tears in His Eyes when He said this. He was dressed all in red.

Lord have Mercy on the whole world.