I2th JANUARY, 2006

In the morning, while praying, an Angel appeared. (I was familiar with him as he has been coming to me over the years)

He greeted me, and we exchanged a kiss on each others cheek. While I looked at him I noticed his beautiful eyes, shining blue.

I said, “Just as well you are here. I have to ask you something. The vision I had of the Judgement seat, can you please explain to me when this is all going to happen?” I tried to explain to him what I had seen but he already knew what had happened. He said, “Don’t worry. Trust in the Lord.”

While we were talking, a little toddler appeared with a little soft toy. He tucked it under the cuff of my pyjama leg. I bent down and tossed it back to the baby as if to say, ‘stop interfering, I am talking to the Angel’.

The next minute, while looking at the Angel, he said, “Do you know who this is?”
I answered, “No, he is a little soul.”

The Angel said, “This is Our Lord Jesus.” I gasped, “Oh, no.”

The Angel said, “He comes to take your mind off worry. Don’t fear, trust in the Lord and pray. He knows everything.”