I9th JANUARY, 2006

Lord Jesus appeared to me and said, “You are My pupils. Everyday you need to come to My school and need spiritual food for your souls the way you need food for your body.”

“All of you are very slow to grasp My teaching. My love is abused in the world and not understood properly. Not one of you should be proud and say, ‘I am very advanced in my spiritual life’ . You are lying to yourselves when you say that. The same way when you say to yourself, ‘I have nothing to confess, I have no sin’.”

“Be careful, My children, that way you deceive yourselves. Say always ‘My Lord and my God, make me understand the way it is pleasing to You. Teach me to progress better in my spiritual life, that one day I will benefit from all that’.”

“Pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment in guidance and truth. Open your hearts to My Divine love.” Our Lord said smiling, “Bow your heads down and I will bless you all.”

Thankyou Lord Jesus, my teacher, my God and my all.