26th January 2006

The visiting angel came and took me to a place where souls are suffering.

I had a lot of suffering in my body for a very long time. We approached a place where there is much suffering. There were men and women.
The angel explained to me while we were watching these people. “See, today in all churches, Holy communion is accepted in the hand. Most people stretch out their arms to receive. They say it is easy and there is no more need to confess their sins any more. They say anyone can come to the banquet of the Lord. The Lord doesn’t mind! God is love and forgives everything.”

The angel then said, “But our Lord is also just. Come with me and I will show you how these people suffer when they die.”

I saw people holding their arms outstretched, their hands with palms held up. I noticed on their arms and hands large infected ulcers all the way up to their elbows for offending God by touching the Holy Eucharist.

The angel said, “Valentina, speak to the people and let them know of this great blasphemy they cause to our Lord. So much sacrilege He receives in the churches. People don’t realise how Sacred and Holy is the little Host. No – one should touch except Bishops and Priests.

The angel said, “Hands off Holy Communion we are present with our Lord
in the church especially when Holy Communion is given. We are trembling with fear when people approach. See how these people suffer now for being so irreverent, now they are sorry for offending God but it is too late. Who knows how many years they will suffer.

All these changes in the church are making our Lord Jesus very sad.

Valentina, offer your daily pain and discomfort to Him. Console Him and ask in reparation when you are in the church for so many unworthy Holy Communions, that are handled by hands.”

Jesus, my Lord, have mercy and grant us enlightenment.