26th JANUARY, 2006

An Angel appeared to me and said, “I am the Angel of the Lord. I come to tell you. Console the Mother of God. Right now. She walks in the streets of Jerusalem, the Holy ground, and weeps the tears of blood for people who offend God with violence and killing. Brother against brother. There is no love or compassion in their hearts, only hate and killing. “

“When will all this end? God will severely put judgement to this people and nation.”
“Jerusalem! Jerusalem! How you offend God. That He walked on your land once and you didn’t honour Him and you still crucify Him and deny Him.”

The vision was so sad when the Angel showed me the Holy Mother weeping tears of blood. I saw large clots of blood flowing down Her cheeks and Her Holy face was so sad.

Then the Angel said, “Console the Mother of God, Valentina, by offering your daily sacrifices in reparation for the offences against God.”

“People don’t realise that the leaders of the world are responsible for all this hate and killing, which offends God. He is very sad because you are all God’s children and He loves the one you reject the most.”

Have mercy, O Lord, on all your children.