11th FEBRUARY, 2006

While praying this morning, our Blessed Mother appeared to me. She said, “Peace be with you, My child and may God be praised forever.”

She spoke, “Once more I come to plead with you My children, to pray. I am very sorry to tell you, but this country of yours (Australia) starts to accept anything which is against God’s law. The government and society are very powerful guided by an evil force.”

“God is very offended by all this.” Our Lady said, with tears running down her cheeks, “Just think on innocent lives which will be sacrificed because they cannot help themselves. It is a crime My children.”

Then She said, “I have to tell you that God is very offended for the youth of this country. They are not taught to know God. Their lives become very wild and they are guided by the evil one into all types of entertainment (films, discos, sex, …). This is destroying their innocent lives and they sink deeper and deeper into sin. My children, I beg you right now to pray very much for this intention. I wish my sons (Bishops and Priests) to speak more openly about teaching young people to come back to God and to know Him more intimately. The young people are the future generation. My Son loves them so much. He wants to bless them, but they are sinning in such a big way, they have no sense of right or wrong”.

“For this reason, pray for these intentions that conversion will come. I am interceding on your behalf, My children, but if things won’t change God will lower His Hand on this country and a great chastisement will come upon you. I cannot stop it any longer.”

Our Blessed Mother then said, “Spread this message of warning urgently.”

“My children, pray, pray, pray for this intention.”