17th FEBRUARY, 2007

Saturday. A vision of the Holy Souls between 7am and 8am. The Angel came to me and said, “I, today, will guide you to the poorest, suffering souls.”

We walked and came to an open space. A lot of souls approached us, very depressed and poorly dressed, in grey. The area also is very dull and depressing.

They spoke, “We were directed to you. You are the one who can help us to relieve our terrible torment and suffering that we are going through.

The Angel looked at me. (This meant that I was allowed to speak to them and ask questions).

I asked, “What have you done that is so bad to deserve this suffering?”

They looked sadly at me, “We had everything while we were alive. Money was no problem, but we never helped anyone. We were very greedy and selfish.”

I answered, “Yes, you should have helped the poor and needy while you were all alive, and you would have been blessed for the good deeds you may have done. Did you at least pray while you were alive?”

They looked at one another in a peculiar way and said sadly, “No, we didn’t pray either. We thought there was no need.”

I said, “At least you could have prayed a little. That would have helped.”

The souls answered back, “Now it is too late. We can’t do anything. We suffer so much.”

Suddenly, three buses appeared, grey in colour and all but wrecks. The doors opened simultaneously. Inside, I saw the seats all in shreds and hanging down and falling apart. I was amazed at what I saw.

The Angel said to me, “Rich people don’t know anything about the afterlife while on earth. They accumulate wealth and they are so greedy. They don’t realise how harmful this is for their souls in the afterlife.”

I felt sorry for the poor souls, watching them being so miserable. They can’t help themselves.

If people on earth can learn this lesson and share the wealth which corrupts their souls so much after death, God would be merciful as He sees all.

Lord, have mercy on the poor souls.