5th March 2006

In the morning while praying. The Infant Jesus appeared to me.
He spoke, “Console Me and dry My Tears which I shed for people in the world, especially for the abandoned and hungry children that nobody wants. They reject them. How I suffer to see so much selfishness and non compassion for these abandoned children. Mankind is heartless.”

The Holy Infant stretched His Hands over me . He said, “Don’t leave Me behind. Take Me with you wherever you go, I am like a child who likes to be taken care of. Lift Me in your arms and caress Me and love Me. So many abandon Me and don’t want Me. If they could only accept Me and love Me. Tell them I shall respond and give them love and peace and joy in return.”

He gazed at me and said, ”Man of human love, yet divine, satisfy the longing in My Heart to give you all My love and constant Blessings.”

“Love Me and thank Me always.”
As the Baby Jesus came to me, I saw the Tears in His Eyes. On the left, Tears were streaming down His Cheeks, but the right Eye held so much water I felt I could scoop it up.

Have mercy on us, Little Lord Infant Jesus.
We should all respond and console our Lord, and turn from our neglect.