7th March 2006

In this vision while praying. I once again saw a map of the world.

The angel appeared, and said, “I am the angel of the Lord. I come to reveal to you that the world in God’s Eyes is very sinful.”

The angel was pointing with a silver shiny long thin needle, and placing with its tip on the map dark spots in various parts of the world. There were many places.

He said, “These are where there will be events throughout the earth this year. There will be a variety of different sufferings. Tell people to pray. If only people would understand how much pain and grieving they cause our Lord. His Sacred Heart is constantly wounded and pierced with offences He receives from ungrateful men.”

The angel then said, “The men forget from whom they come from.”

He then showed the ocean in reality. Clearly I saw the bottom of the sea. “If you stand on the bottom of the sea you would be as little as a grain of sand, scoop a little bit in your hand and take 1 grain of sand out of it and see how small it is, to put in your hand, but the ocean is enormous. You would understand who God is and all His creation. Tell people to amend and change because God will soon turn upside down the sea, and punish humanity for not obeying His Holy Law.”

We must pray constantly to mitigate these disasters that will befall on us.