June, 2003

This morning while praying, an Angel appeared and said, “I am the Angel of the Lord who sent me to tell you and to reveal things that you don’t know yet.”

“You people are not aware of the food and fruits you eat. They are all sprayed with poison that is harmful to your bodies. Fruit and vegetables are grown very fast. The fanners want to make money and spray and fertilise the produce with poison. Even when you wash the food it doesn’t make much difference, for the poison penetrates through. Then, before sending the food to the market, it is sprayed again to preserve it before packing.”

“Tell people, before they cook, to wash the food thoroughly and then make the sign of the Cross over it and ask God to bless it.”

“People are wondering why so many are dying with cancer. That is the reason, as you are eating and drinking so much poison.”