19th June

At church, I was feeling a little down with various problems. Lord Jesus was so happy today. He said, “Listen to Me, My little girl, for My love flows to you directly. Have strong faith in Me. Soon things will change for the better (and will improve).”

I turned and saw two friends that I hadn’t seen for a long time. I said, “My Lord, You are so full of surprises.”

“I am so glad that you notice,” He said, “Others don’t see them. See, My child, how happy it makes Me when you discover Me in everything, it is like a declaration of love from you to Me back. Oh, the joy that you all give Me. I am watching you behind a secret veil. The same love that comes from Me to you. Oh, My children, learn to love Me and thank Me for everything.”

The Blessed Mother was present and She smiled and said, “Pray, My children, for God’s love, for He loves you so much. Console Him, for the world offends Him too much.”

I answered, “I love you, sweet Jesus and Mary”.