September 2016

I am sorry for communicating any messages for a while. I have had a most sad time, for I have lost my only child my son. I miss him terribly but I know that he no longer suffers.

He passed on 17th July 2016 from suffering most intensely of a heart condition for 4years then he developed a very progressive cancer in the liver but unfortunately doctors told us he could not be treaded because of his weak heart.

The moment I heard the news from the hospital that my son had passed away. My grandson and I went to Sunday mass when we arrived we both knelt down and cried before mass the Lord Jesus appeared to me, He said, “I know you are very sad for the death of your son but be at peace I tell you never will sickness touch him or evil will never harm him because he is with Me now. I chose this day Sunday for Frank to come to Me”.

Then the Blessed Mother appeared to me. She was sad looking sorrowful. She said to me, “Now My daughter you know the pain I felt when first I lost my husband St, Joseph who was a great support to Me. Then I lost My Son whom I loved so much. My son Jesus was so cruelly treated and taken from Me. As a mother I suffered tremendously. Now you know the pain I went through but trust in My Son Jesus, He will give you strength.

After the funeral our lord Jesus came to me and said, “Thank your friends for all the prayers offered for Frank.

I thank you very much, my dear friends for all your prayers and support.