17th September 2016

As I was getting ready to go to Mass Frank appeared with a person standing next to him but did not say anything but smiled.

Frank said, “Mum I come to tell you don’t be sad I tell you I am very very happy now. You know Mum when I was alive I always feared death, I was afraid to die. I was wrong, I have to tell you there is an another world and it is so beautiful I cannot describe it to you. I feel so happy. I did feel happy at times on earth but there it is a different happiness.

Mum you have to adjust your way of life the best way you can but above all your mission is to bring people to God. Talk to them about God, that is your job and the people are waiting for you”.

I said, “Frank what about your son Christopher, he misses you so much. I worry about him”. He answered, “Don’t worry, Jesus will help him, Jesus will help everyone. He loves everyone”.