Sunday 13 September 2015

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta
 Angels ready to announce the Lord’s Judgement for the world
As I entered the Church today, I glorified the Lord and thanked Him for the grace He gave me to be at Holy Mass today and to thank Him for the beautiful weather.

I said to the Lord, “Lord, here is Your little sinner. I am sorry for ever having offended You.”

The instant answer from our Lord was, “In My Eyes you are just. Keep always in My Truth and live always in My Truth, and the light will shine through you, to others.”

Just before the prayer, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy..’ I could see our Lord surrounded by a multitude of angels and many people. It was like an assembly. I could see the angels blowing their trumpets to make an announcement.

Our Lord said, “My Angels are as of now, ready to announce My Judgement upon the world. And how severely I will judge the world. Those who believe in Me and love Me, they shall stand on My Right. But the non-believers and those who ridicule Me and condemn Me, they shall be thrown into the Darkness.”

“They shall cry and scream and grind their teeth and they will say to Me, ‘Lord, you didn’t judge us justly’, but I will say to them, ‘Oh yes, I did judge you justly. I sent you My prophets and I warned you many times to repent and to turn back to God. You ignored everything, you ridiculed My prophets, and you refused My Mercy and My Love’.”   

As I heard those words in the vision before me, shivers went through me. This
is not a joke. This is reality. It was so serious.

We should take these messages seriously while we still have time to convert and repent.