20 September 2015

Sunday. While praying, Jesus appeared saying, “I come to reveal to you and to tell you, My child, of the messages that I spoke to you in the past. You already know about them, but today I am taking you with Me to show you what is happening right now in the world.”

In a split second we walked through a different country. IO saw much misery in many places. Even in the Middle East I saw persecutions, isolation, people crying and running away from danger.
Our Lord showed me all the people who were coming to Europe. He said, “It’s like locusts when they come to eat the crops.” Comparing this to what is now happening.

‘This is because My children break all God’s Commandments. They have put their own law in to their hands. So much crime and filth, life doesn’t mean much to anyone, just to kill. Everyone is important in the world today. Self-love, greed, materialism, money and lies. People don’t speak the truth anymore.”

Our Lord looked at me and said, “It is hard to trust even your own friends these days.” We saw so much misery. “The economy will collapse again,” He told me. “Everything that is happening is passing very quickly.”
He said, “Whatever is happening, evil and sin are spreading everywhere because you are going through the most difficult times and there is more ahead of you. You cannot change what is prophesised in the past. You are experiencing theses times and you are now living in them. You have to go through this cycle to fulfil prophecy.”

Lord Jesus said, “My child, I know that what I show you makes you sad and depressed. I want you to be courageous. Hope in Me and trust in Me.”
“In very near future I will change and make all things new and beautiful. There will be no more corruption, pride and selfishness. Everyone will love Me.”

“Speak of My love to people. Tell them to change and repent and not to wait till the last minute.”

Our Lord then said, “Come, I will take you to My beloved Mother, She awaits for Us.”

Suddenly, we came from misery and desolation into a different place, like a garden. There Blessed Mother was waiting for us.

Our Lord said, “She is your refuge and guide, taking you through all these difficult times. Make sure you kneel in front of Her and pray daily.”

In that instant, I felt much better, all sadness was taken away from me. It was like a big shrine and I prayed the Holy Rosary together with Our Lady. She blessed me and then I was taken back home to prepare for Mass.

Thank you, My Lord Jesus, for all your guidance and protection in these bad times we live in.

Thank you, our Mother Mary Most Holy Lady of the World, pray for us.