29 September 2015

Holy Michael speaks sternly to a poor soul

This morning when I almost finished my morning prayer the Archangel Michael appeared to me.

I continuously experience the presence of many poor souls in my bedroom. This morning the Archangel Michael appeared and he was talking to one of the Souls in my room. Holy Michael alerted me to the presence of this soul. This particular Soul was separate from the others and was resting on the floor beside my bed.

Holy Michael addressed the Soul and said very seriously, “What do you think you are doing here? You shouldn’t come to this house. This is a very poor house. You were a very rich man and very famous while you were alive and now you come here. Who told you to come here?”

I could then see the Poor Soul stand up and he said to Holy Michael, “I have come here to this house because I find rest and peace here.”

In my heart I felt that this man had been very high up in the world, he appeared to be in his early to mid-fifties with chestnut hair. While Holy Michael was talking to the poor soul I could see a very tall building, many offices with people working in them. I saw lots of writing. Maybe he was a journalist. I could see that this man was the head of all of this. He was highly respected in the world.

Holy Michael sternly reprimanded him and said, “You are disobedient, you have come to a very poor house and you shouldn’t be here.”

In that instant I felt very humiliated by what Holy Michael said to the poor soul. I thought now even the poor souls know how poor I am. I became very emotional. In my heart I wanted to tell our Blessed Mother what Holy Michael had said. Tears began rolling down my cheeks.

Later that day, I went to Holy Mass and offered up all the Holy Souls in my room including the rich and famous man. I said, “Lord, let it be Your Will and be merciful to all these Souls.

At that moment when I offered up these Souls, Holy Michael appeared in the Church and said, “Valentina, don’t be upset by what happened this morning. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I came to protect you and to tell you that during their lives these Souls (such as the rich and famous man) did not know you nor would they have looked at you, but now they need your help and they all come to you.”

I said to Holy Michael, “I feel much better and I desire that all these Holy Souls will be saved. This is a charitable and compassionate act. I know our Lord likes us to help Holy Souls.”