Sunday 4 October 2015

St Patricks Cathedral Parramatta

Women shamefully dressed in the presence of God ***Important***
Message from our Blessed Mother
After Holy Mass I went to the Chapel to pray the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

During my prayer our Blessed Mother appeared to me, and said, “My daughter, I spoke to you many times before about the behaviour and the fashion the ladies wear these days. They are so shamefully dressed, they come to church in the presence of God, scantily dressed or wearing very tight pants. This offends God very much. My children you are all misled by the Devil. Change your clothes to a modest and decent style. Don’t wear pants, wear dresses or skirts below your knees, not short. You deceive many men and cause them to sin, when they look at your tight pants, your scantily dressed bodies and your very provocatively open clothes.”

“Oh my children I cry for all of you for behaving like this. You will be judged severely when you come in His presence one day. You can even lose your life in Eternity for being so disobedient. My beloved priests and Bishops should speak openly to people and educate them better but they keep silent. They do not want to offend anyone. How sad we are all in Heaven. Heaven is watching you my children when you enter the Church in the presence of God. You offend Him so much by your fashion. Humble yourselves and pray that you will change to a modest dress style. This will be beneficial for your own soul.”

“I desire good for all of you my children and lead you to my Son Jesus. Right now He is very offended watching the world behaving so badly. I ask my daughter Valentina to spread this message to people about this fashion which is so offensive to Heaven, but people condemn her. It is our own request from Heaven. It is not from her. We only ask her to spread this message.”
“I bless you all. Please change!”

Blessed Mother Mary was very sad when she gave me this message.