The Angel said to me, “I will show you how the economy crashed so
badly in Europe.”

“People blamed Prime Ministers and those who are in charge of the
governments, but it is not they who caused the GFC (Global Financial
Crisis). There are other people who are much higher and in control of the
world’s finances. They are the ones who control everything. They call
themselves the ‘three kings’. I will now show you them.”

I saw three very smart looking gentlemen in their 40’s dressed in black
suits, all in black. They were very tall in stature. When they turned
around I could see imprinted, just above the back of their necks, through
their closely shaved hair the numbers 666. The numbers were about two
inches in length and grey in colour. When I saw this vision I almost

The Angel said, “They are the secret controllers but people do no know
of them. They are somewhere from Europe. They will make it possible
for the Money Markets of the world to crash. They want globalisation,
because through globalisation they can then introduce the chip in order to
control the people of the world.”

The Angel said, “I warn you that all of this is a reality and is coming very
soon. Tell people to pray and not to accept anything that these people
will introduce.”

“Pray that Jesus will protect you.